What Is Galaxy AI and the AI Features of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Samsung has unleashed a game-changer with its new AI system – Galaxy AI. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Galaxy AI, unraveling its capabilities on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Get ready to explore a world where artificial intelligence goes beyond mere hardware enhancements.

Breaking Down Galaxy AI: The Revolutionary Samsung AI System

Understanding Galaxy AI and its Origin:

Samsung’s Galaxy AI is a groundbreaking user-facing set of on-device and cloud-based services integrated into the Galaxy S24 lineup. Unlike traditional AI systems, Galaxy AI leverages the phone’s processing power for generative AI features, eliminating the need for a constant internet connection. This move aligns with Samsung’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and reducing dependency on external servers.

Features Offered by Galaxy AI on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:

1. Photography and Videography – ProVisual Engine9:

  • AI Zoom: Captures clear photos even at high zoom levels (up to 100x) with reduced noise and enhanced details.
  • Super Night Solution: Brightens low-light photos and videos, preserving intricate details.
  • Generative Edit: Adds a creative touch by filling in backgrounds, resizing objects, and altering facial expressions.
  • Multi-Object Tracking: Maintains focus on moving subjects, ensuring sharp and clear capture.

2. Productivity and Accessibility:

  • Live Translate: Real-time two-way translation during calls, ensuring private conversations without internet dependency.
  • Note Assist: Summarizes documents and creates templates for efficient note-taking.
  • Circle to Search: An industry-first feature allowing users to search anything on the screen by circling, highlighting, or tapping, even within images or videos.
  • Android Auto: Summarizes incoming messages, enabling voice commands for information-rich replies.

3. Creativity – Gauss Models:

  • Edit Suggestion: Provides in-app suggestions immediately after taking a photo to enhance the composition.
  • Generative Edit: Expands images by filling in backgrounds and borders when necessary.
  • Instant Slow-mo: Generates extra frames in videos for a high-quality slow-motion effect.

Ensuring Security and Privacy:

Galaxy AI emphasizes user privacy by incorporating features like on-device AI processing. The Knox Matrix, a multi-layered security platform, protects the device from malware and unauthorized access. Private Share allows secure file sharing with controlled access permissions.

Galaxy AI vs. Bixby:

Galaxy AI is not a mere virtual assistant; it’s a comprehensive AI system that powers unique and innovative features on Samsung devices. While Bixby still operates on devices sold before 2020, Galaxy AI takes center stage in the S24 Ultra, promising a paradigm shift in user interaction.

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Devices Compatible with Galaxy AI:

As of January 2024, Galaxy AI features are exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, including the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. However, with the popularity of AI, it’s anticipated that Galaxy AI will extend to other Samsung devices in the future.

To learn more about how these features will improve your smartphone experience, check out the Samsung press release that covered the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What does Galaxy AI do?

A. Galaxy AI revolutionizes the smartphone experience by offering on-device and cloud-based AI services. It enhances photography, productivity, and creativity on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, ensuring seamless and intelligent user interaction.

Q. Is Galaxy AI free?

A. Yes, Galaxy AI features are currently provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices. Some third-party AI features may have different terms, but users can now enjoy the benefits at no cost.

Q. Does the S24 have AI?

A. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series boasts the revolutionary Galaxy AI system, bringing a host of AI-powered features to enhance user experiences across various aspects of the smartphone.

Q. How does Galaxy AI ensure privacy?

A. Galaxy AI prioritizes user privacy by incorporating on-device AI processing. Features like Private Share and Knox Matrix add layers of security, protecting the device from potential threats.

Q. Can Galaxy AI features be turned off?

A. Yes, users have the option to control Galaxy AI features through the Advanced Intelligence settings. If desired, features can be turned off, providing users with a choice in their smartphone experience.

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