Tesla’s Ambitious Plan: Crafting Affordable 20Lakh EVs for Indian customers

The automotive world is buzzing with excitement as Tesla, the iconic electric vehicle manufacturer, sets its sights on India. In a strategic move to cater to the Indian market and also extend its reach to the global arena, Tesla is considering the establishment of a factory in India. This facility would not only produce affordable electric vehicles (EVs) for the local consumers but also be a hub for exports.

Sources privy to the matter have revealed that Tesla’s keen interest in this venture has prompted discussions with India’s commerce minister, Piyush Goyal. A meeting is scheduled for this month where Tesla representatives will engage in detailed deliberations about their ambitious factory plans. Central to these discussions is the production of a groundbreaking $24,000 car, a vision that Tesla is eager to materialize.

This meeting with the commerce minister marks a significant milestone, signifying a high-level engagement between Tesla and the Indian government. It harks back to a previous meeting in June when Elon Musk, the visionary behind Tesla, held talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing a profound intent to invest significantly in India.

At the heart of these discussions lies the vision of creating an EV that is not only cutting-edge but also economically accessible. The projected cost of ₹2 million ($24,000) for this Tesla EV stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to affordability. Remarkably, this price tag is anticipated to be 25% lower than Tesla’s current lowest-priced offering, the Model 3 sedan, which is priced at just over $32,200 in China.

Reports about this ambitious price target were first unveiled by The Times of India earlier this month, stirring excitement and anticipation within the automotive industry. As we eagerly await Tesla’s next move, the world watches in anticipation, eager to witness a new era of electric vehicles tailored for the Indian audience.

Notably, this isn’t Tesla’s first foray into discussions about manufacturing in India. In May, executives from Tesla made a notable visit to India, engaging in talks with government officials to explore the potential of establishing a manufacturing base for cars and batteries within the country. These dialogues are set to resume this month, reinforcing Tesla’s commitment to forging a formidable presence in the Indian automotive landscape.

The forthcoming discussions are expected to delve deep into the specifics of establishing an efficient EV supply chain and securing appropriate land for the prospective factory. Tesla’s blueprint for India is not just about making cars; it’s about revolutionizing the way India commutes, ushering in an age of sustainable and affordable electric mobility.

Stay tuned for more updates as Tesla and India set the stage for a game-changing collaboration, paving the way for a cleaner and greener future.

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